2004-2006 Grants

Photo by Ebeth Scott-Sinclair
Financial and Strategic Planning Grants for ’04-’05

Club Nova – www.clubnovathriftshop.org
NCCDHC – North Carolina Committee to Defend Health Care – ncdefendinghealthcare.org
Storiesworks – www.storiesworks.org
Mental Health Association in Durham County
Threshold – www.thresholdclubhouse.org
North Carolina Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition – www.appcnc.org
El Centro Latino – www.elcentrolatino.org
Financial Contributions for ’04-’06
Family Violence Prevention – www.endabuse.org
Community Autism Initiative
Democracy NC – www.democracy-nc.org
First in Families – www.democracy-nc.org
Threshold – www.thresholdclubhouse.org
Charles House – www.charleshouse.org
TROSA – www.trosainc.org
The ArtsCenter – www.artscenterlive.org
Cornucopia House – www.cornucopiahouse.org
Piedmont Wildlife Center – www.piedmontwildlifecenter.org
NC WARN – www.ncwarn.org
InterFaith Council – www.ifcweb.org
Mental Health Association in Orange County – www.mhaoc.org
Habitat for Humanity Hand Me Ups Store – www.hhmu.org
Music Maker Relief Foundation – www.musicmaker.org
NCCDHC – ncdefendinghealthcare.org
Club Nova – www.clubnovathriftshop.org
The Women’s Center – www.womenspace.org
Freedom House – www.rtpnet.org/freedom
El Centro Latino – www.elcentrolatino.org