International Work

Photo by Ebeth Scott-Sinclair

Beginning in 2023 we will start funding an international project. The area of need we have chosen is water scarcity, sanitation, and hygiene. The geographical area of support will likely be Central America, where in some areas these issues are some of the most urgent in our world. The need is incredibly strong, however, the solutions are not complicated and the return on investment in terms of lives saved and improved is incredibly great. More information about the project we choose will be posted later in 2023. Below is a statement from UNICEF about the need :

Even in countries with adequate water resources, water scarcity is not uncommon. Although this may be due to a number of factors — collapsed infrastructure and distribution systems, contamination, conflict, or poor management of water resources — it is clear that climate change, as well as human factors, are increasingly denying children their right to safe water and sanitation.

Water scarcity limits access to safe water for drinking and for practicing basic hygiene at home, in schools and in health-care facilities. When water is scarce, sewage systems can fail and the threat of contracting diseases like cholera surges. Scarce water also becomes more expensive.

Water scarcity takes a greater toll on women and children because they are often the ones responsible for collecting it. When water is further away, it requires more time to collect, which often means less time at school. Particularly for girls, a shortage of water in schools impacts student enrolment, attendance and performance. Carrying water long distances is also an enormous physical burden and can expose children to safety risks and exploitation.

UPDATE November 2023 :

Our first International Grant of $22,000 has been made to EOS International, We are very excited about the amazing work being done by EOS in Central America. Please visit their website for more info – here is a short description of their work:

EOS International empowers rural families in Central America with access to safe drinking water and opportunities to generate income through simple technology solutions and education. Through EOS’ innovative Circuit Rider Model, rural communities in Central America have access to water quality solutions, including technology to treat their water, capacity building, and water quality monitoring that allow access to clean water and create economic opportunities for individuals to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life.